CS Insurance Strategies, Inc. - Divisions


Commerical Property & CAsualty

We take a comprehensive perspective on risk management and services are driven by our clients’ specific needs. Our brokerage and comprehensive risk management strategies involve assessing, mitigating and monitoring risk. This includes transferring the risk to another party through contracts and insurance, avoiding untenable risks, and/or reducing the adverse affects of risks. 


Group employee benefits

Employee benefits are an ever-evolving market that can be challenging due increases to the cost of healthcare, new legislation and focus on enhancing benefit options. Our group benefits practice specializes in providing solutions that maximize your ability to offer complete benefit packages, all while managing costs to the business. We do this by maintaining good relationships with our carriers, offering wellness programs to reduce claims and implementing cost sharing that helps employees understand the cost of care without financially burdening themselves. 



There has been a recent explosion in insurance and risk management programs and we provide access to the some of the best software available. Using these programs, provide easy risk management, reduce administration burden surrounding employee benefits and allow for potential rate reduction.